Dan Dipert Companies

Customer Service Reigns Supreme

Dan Dipert Tours was founded by Dan Dipert in 1974 as a tour company. In 1980, Dan Bought his first bus and slowly started adding to the fleet. Today, the fleet numbers 19 buses, and the company offers charter and tour services. Dan has since retired and has turned the reigns over to his son and daughter, Dan W. Dipert and Autumn Dipert-Brown. 

Both agree that recruiting and training the right people has helped give the company an edge in offering its customers outstanding customer service. Because drivers play a crucial role in this strategy, the company created a profile of what a successful Dan Dipert driver should be--early retired, 52-57 years old, male or female professional. "We are hiring people based on their personality, not their proficiency. I prefer that [applicants] don't already have CDLs or any prior experience, says Dipert-Brown. 

Customer service training is also imperative for other staff members. The company recently completed a four-day training program on complaint resolution. The new process entails that the initial contact person who takes the call "owns" the call. Complaints are then investigated and resolved. "They are not allowed to transfer the call to someone else," Dipert-Brown says. Complaint resolutions are now completed in one day instead of a week. 

In addition to the new customer service strategy, the company instituted a new sales policy at the start of 2005 to help boost business after it lost four of its top clients in a school district bid situation. "We were going to start the year with a nearly 10% loss of business--and that's alot for us," says Dipert. 

A sign with the letters CUT hangs in the sales office to remind sales staff of the new policy--callbacks,  utilization, and tiered pricing. Dipert calls back any potential client who has been quoted $2000 or more. "I personally call the contact the day after we give them the quote to make sure everything went well, thank them for calling us and ask if they are ready to book with us," he says. 

Utilization of buses makes up the next part of the philosophy. Dipert will double, triple and even quadruple book buses on Fridays and Saturdays--their busiest days--to get the most work from the vehicle. "That's a real tribute to our dispatch and our drivers because they are the ones that have to service that," Dipert says. 

Tiered pricing composes the last part of the new sales plan. "We price ourselves exactly like a hotel. When it's busy, we're expensive; when it's not, we are not expensive," Dipert says. The sales staff has met very little resistance to this new pricing strategy. Since the CUT program was installed, the company has seen a 24% increase in sales compared to the same time in 2004.